Bathtub Refinishing

It is a reasonable alternative to replacing fixtures in a tub room so as to acquire an updated look or revitalizing worn ceramic completed cast iron and steel baths. Sometimes, refinishing a bathtub and\/or tile walls\/floors is a way to update the design colors that date your toilet to the 60s or 70s. (You know, that Harvest Gold, Avacado Green, pink, or Robin eggs Blue colours which were popular back in the day. Eliminating old bathtubs is normally the simplest part of the project, as you might take a sledge hammer to it and simply keep beating it until it breaks into manageable sized pieces which can then be removed.

Nevertheless, what people don’t often think about when they consider replacing a tub is you will also need to replace much, or even all, of the tile surround. Evidently, you can always cover them with a fiberglass surround. Its simply essential that you understand more than just the buying of a brand-new bathtub thats involved in replacing a bathtub.

The following obstacle that’s frequently faced is getting the replacement bathtub into the restroom. When a house is constructed, the plumbing and tub are installed, and the walls are constructed around them. Often, a replacement bathtub will not fit through doors or pass vanities and toilets, that’s why you frequently end up having to break up this old bathtub so as to remove it.

Therefore, you end up having to do a complete bath room remodel beginning with tearing out portions of a wall with order to bring with this new bathtub OR having to settle for a 3-4 piece fiberglass kit that need sufficient give in them to bend throughout the doorways.

Obviously, this give also means its that substantially less durable than the bathtub you might presently have. Additionally, it will more often than not, require hiring of a contractor or, at the very least, a plumber to handle removal and/or replacing the drain and water controls. Put simply, tub refinishing is a fair solution whenever you compare this cost and work involved with replacement. For example, if you search bathtub refinishing San Diego you’ll find it’s quite affordable compared to any other alternative.

Probably the most heavily publicized option nowadays is this installation of acrylic over lays which are glued over your existing bath or walls. Some of those companies will frequently up sell you into a more involved, and pricey, bath room remodeling project.

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